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MathGems is a powerful and accessible assessment package that allows students to improve their number skills at entry level.

It is designed as a 5, 10 or 15 minute starter activity that can be used twice a week throughout the academic year. It is aimed at KS2 or SEN students who need to improve their fluency in maths.

MathGems comes in four flavours: Mini MathGems which targets entry level 1 and 2, MathGems which targets entry level 2 and 3, MathGems Advanced which targets entry level 3 and and MathGems Master which targets entry level 3 and level 1..

The package includes a student handbook, a teacher's handbook and an Microsoft Excel mark-book that records progress throughout the year.

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Advanced MathGems


Download: MathGems Mini Staff Handbook 2020 UPLOAD.pdf

Download: MathGems Original Staff Handbook 2020 UPLAOD.pdf

Download: MathGems Advanced Staff Handbook 2020 UPLOAD.pdf

mathgems Masters

Download: MathGems Masters Staff Handbook 2020.pdf

MathGems Original


Masters MathGems